Hi, I am the other half of Bill Brink Music! My name is June Brink, I am not only the wife of Bill Brink but I am also his manager, promoter and music/video producer. I truly enjoy all that I do and love to stay "behind the scenes" and let Bill take the stage! I am not a musician but I enjoy listening and promoting, not only Bill but all of our amazing musician friends! Being able to bring music to others to enjoy, makes me happy!

I not only focus on music, I also do a lot of other things to keep me busy. I run a community Facebook group called, "Happenings in and around Springfield Vermont" where I highlight local businesses and keep people updated with happenings around the area. With over 16,000 people and growing, my group is a great way to connect with locals and to stay up to date with events and news from surrounding towns, including music events!

In 2022, I was elected to be a board member for a wonderful organization called "Vermont Family Network" I am honored and so excited to have the opportunity to help many Vermont's families! The end of 2022 I became a board member at SAPA TV, our local access TV station.

Over the years I have spent my time helping others when I can. Back in 2011 I started a Facebook group called "Vermont Helping Hands" when a devastating flood happened in Vermont which left many homes and roads washed down our many rivers and streams. People were stranded and left without food, water and supplies so I wanted to make sure people were getting the help they needed and I put together a donation drop off at our local fire station, put the word out on social media and was excited to see our community come together! We had lines of cars coming in all day to drop off donations, and a lot of caring volunteers who came out to help and drive items out to whoever needed help. We had an amazing day and helped so many people. At that moment, I knew I wanted to make a difference and I continued to do other donations drives that year for the holidays, which helped many in our community and I continue today doing what I can to help others.

I also spend time helping out some of the local businesses and organizations by updating their websites, designing magazine and banner ads/flyers/brochures, office work, advertising, promoting, fundraising,  and often help with other projects when needed. I have worked with the Okemo Chamber of Commerce for several years. Recently I helped them launch an App, it was a lot of fun!

The Summer of 2021, Bill and I ran a music series in Perkinsville VT. It was a huge success and hope to do it again next year. I organized it all within 3 weeks and the series ran all on donations from the public. We had a blast!

When I have time, I love to do wood burning. I hand burn designs on wood and make signs and boxes and at one time had my items in the local gallery called "Gallery at the Vault"in Springfield VT and have done a few craft fairs in the past, all my items sell out! I did 3 wood burning classes at the Springfield Library and had a lot of fun teaching the groups and seeing all the wonderful things that others created. I will be doing classes again soon.

I produced all the music and videos on this website. I am still learning and have a long way to go!

All photos are taken by me as well (unless marked).

If you need help with any of the things I mentioned above, email me at jsnh1964@gmail.com. Even if its something not on the list, go ahead and ask, if I do not know how to do it, I will research it and let you know if its something I can do!

Thanks for reading....

~ June